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Creating Transparency in the Medical Industry
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Product Details
Hummingboard is an online platform that helps create transparency in the medical industry. It's the only place where your opinion can make a difference in someone's life.
Hummingboard makes the task of finding the right healthcare provider easier. Just search, select and connect with your community about the quality of healthcare provided in your area. Hummingboard understands that health issues are private. That is why Hummingboard gives you the option of sharing healthcare experiences anonymously.

1. Case Study

We noticed that there was not an online platform where users could rate their doctors, whether they wanted to remain anonymous or not. The medical industry was in need of an all-in-one solution to create transparency in itself.

2. Result

Thus, Hummingboard was created to bring the medical industry closer together. With Hummingboard, you are able to search for healthcare providers in your area and leave them reviews based on their professionalism and skill.

3. Experience

People who use Hummingboard have revealed that they enjoy a unified community of caring invididuals that are able to share and rate their experiences with healthcare providers.
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