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Product Details
FFKeyboard is an aviation specific keyboard that can be brought right into your ForeFlight scratchpad. It allows you to input ATC info from all phases of flight with a touch of your finger or stylus. The ultimate addition to your EFB iPad!
Put your iPad to its best use and get rid of that awkward kneeboard and messy papers. FFKeyboard is designed to help reduce your workload by allowing you to scribe your ATC info, instructions, and clearances with the use of a finger or stylus right within Foreflight.

1. Case Study

After conducting market research, there was no other ancillary keyboard in the market that could tie in to the Foreflight app with such ease and precision.

2. Result

We made FFKeyboard to give support to pilots when they talk to their flight control towers. It was best to make this solution as an iPad application so many pilots could take advantage.

3. Experience

Pilots say that FFKeyboard has helped them do their job easier and more efficiently. They can take-off and land their planes with the codes they already learned.
FFKeyboard Demo 1
FFKeyboard Demo 1